Top 10 Vaya Con Dios Lyrics

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Vaya Con Dios Top 10 Songs Lyrics

At The Parallel

At The Parallel by Vaya Con Dios

He stands by the doors of the Rex all night
Chain-smoking Celtas
His eyes trouble more than one woman
His voice is heavy and deep
There's dirt on the sidewalk
And the newsboy yell
Nothing ever changes at the Parallel
Nothing ever changes at the Parallel

Lyrics At The Parallel Vaya Con Dios

Brave Jane

Brave Jane Vaya Con Dios

Brave Jane, she's nobody's fool
She don't play silly games
She's hot when she's cool
She don't need anybody
To tell her what she should do
And when she'll need any kind of advice
She won't be calling on you
She ain't got nobody
But herself

Lyrics Brave Jane Vaya Con Dios

Don't Break My Heart

Don't Break My Heart Vaya Con Dios

Sometimes I feel so empty
So deserted and so lonely
And no one can take that pain away

Don't break my heart

The anger and the fury
And the fears living inside me
Should you love me
Would you love them just the same

Lyrics Don't Break My Heart Vaya Con Dios

Don't Hate You Anymore

Don't Hate You Anymore by Vaya Con Dios

You'd start the fire
I'd fan the flames
We danced on a wire
Poison running in our veins
Who's to bleed and who's to blame

Blood and thunder
Quick on the draw
Putting me under
Broken dishes on the floor
Burning what we had adored

Lyrics Don't Hate You Anymore Vaya Con Dios

Forever blue

Forever blue by Vaya Con Dios

Where are you now, my fallen angel?
Have you found some peace at last?
Making your exit like a stranger
Left me bound to the past
To the pain
And the lies
And the dangerous games
That you liked
Enough to pay
The price was your life

Lyrics Forever blue Vaya Con Dios

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters by Vaya Con Dios

She thinks she knows you
She thinks she owns you
She wants everything to be
The way she told you
Of course she loves you
Worries about you
She'll smother you 'till you're chokin'
Tell me, don't you

Lyrics Mothers and Daughters Vaya Con Dios

Evening of Love

Evening of Love by Vaya Con Dios

How could she let a man like you
Slip through her fingers?
I guess she didn't know
A good man is hard to find
I would have cherished and treasured that love
If I had been her
I would have thanked the Lord
Every morning for making you mine

Lyrics Evening of Love Vaya Con Dios

Hot august night

Hot august night by Vaya Con Dios

The only things I'll get to keep
Are those lines on my face
Waves rolling on the shore
The music they make
Mermaids doomed by the sea
Of tears they have cried
Secrets we once revealed
The blue of your eyes
And those hot August nights

Lyrics Hot august night Vaya Con Dios

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters Vaya Con Dios

Mama was angry
Said: Girl you must have lost your head
Only the lazy
Stay the whole day long in bed
Your skirts need mending
And the floor cries to be swept
Don't make me scream, girl
Did you hear just what I said?

Lyrics Muddy Waters Vaya Con Dios


Paradise Vaya Con Dios

All my life I struggled to be free
Through heat and thunder
I just tried to be me
I'd rather be alone
Than in bad company
A strong-headed woman
You know I'll always be

Lyrics Paradise Vaya Con Dios

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