Second Nature Destiny's Child Lyrics

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Lyrics Destiny's Child Second Nature

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Destiny's Child - Second Nature Lyrics

[Verse 1 Beyonce:]
Why does love always seem so very hard
It's such a struggle to win the reward
Because I'm playin' with the wrong cards
But I think I got the winnin' hands
There's something different about you babe
That tells me I can
I say it's easy for the things that I do
Never a question always a pleasure to
Love you, love you, love you

Baby I won't say no
The love that you give is so
Abound and I can't let go
Of this love

It's so natural, so natural to give my love
It's so easy (easy like second nature) second nature
It's so natural, so natural to give my love
Like no other (easy like second nature) second nature

[Verse 2 Beyonce:]
Thinkin' of you is the breath that I take
Just for your love I can't wait
I could never think twice
It wakes me up in the mornin'
And the middle of the night
And with a smile on my face, I'm ready

Destiny's Child Lyrics

Destiny's Child
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