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Instant Party (Circles) lyrics

Circles, my head is going round in circles
My mind is caught up in a whirlpool
Dragging me down

Time will tell if I'll take the homeward track
Dizziness will make my feet walk back
Walk right back to you

Everything I do, I think of you
No matter how I try, I can't get by
These circles, leading me back to you

Round and around and around and around and around
and around and around and around and around

And round and round like a fool I go
Down and down in the pool I go
Dragging me down


There one thing could kill the pain of losing you
But it gets me so dizzy then I'm walking right back again
Back to you

Time will tell if these dreams are nearly fact
Don't know why I left, I'm coming back
Coming on back to you

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