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Album The Supremes Sing Country Western & Pop Lyrics

The Supremes - Greatest Hits

The Supremes - Greatest Hits

The Supremes Lyrics

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You Didn't Care Lyrics

You didn't care
Or you wouldn't have walked away
I realize now you must care less every day
Like a fool I gave you all my love
I didn't know
You didn't care

It's not too late
To reconsider or change your mind
If you want to
Only you can end this hurt in my heart

It's in your eyes
The way you look at me
They say our love now
Was never meant to be

I just cried
You looked at me and laughed
Then I knew, I knew
You didn't care

I just cried
You turned and walked away
Then I knew, I knew
You didn't care

Supremes Lyrics


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