Aladdin Prince Ali

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Lyrics Aladdin Prince Ali


Lyrics Prince Ali

Aladdin (Disney)
Music: Alan Menken
Lyrics: Howard Ashman + Tim Rice
Premiere: 1992

Prince Ali Lyrics

(We see an advancing parade, led by what appears to be the GENIE in
human form as a MAJOR.)

MARCHERS: Make way for Prince Ali!
SWORDSMEN: Say hey! It's Prince Ali!
MAJOR: Hey, clear the way in the old bazaar,
Hey you, let us through, it's a bright new star,
Now come, be the first on your block to meet his eye!
Make way, here he comes,
Ring bells, bang the drums.
You're gonna love this guy

(The MAJOR mingles amongst different crowd members.)

Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa!
Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee

(ABU the elephant marches through town, with ALADDIN (ALI) on his back.)

Now try your best to stay calm
Brush up your Sunday Salaam
And come and meet his spectacular coterie.

(IAGO is dancing to the music until JAFAR glares at him. The
MAJOR "wheelbarrows" six men up onto ABU's trunk. They stand
on each other's shoulders as ALI shakes hands.)

Prince Ali, mighty is he, Ali Ababwa!
Strong as ten regular men, definitely
He faced the galloping hordes
A hundred bad guys with swords
Who sent those goons to their lords, why Prince Ali!

(The pile collapses on ALI, but a GENIE (tm) brand lightning bolt
zaps the pile and he ends up holding them all up in an acrobatic
wheel formation. The GENIE turns into an old man, then a child
and speaks the last two lines to the crowd.)
CHORUS OF MEN:(Carrying the camels) He's got seventy-five golden camels!

(In pops a typical parade commentator)

HARRY: Don't they look lovely, June?

CHORUS OF WOMEN: (On a float) Purple peacocks, he's got fifty-three!

(In comes another commentator.)

JUNE: Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers!

GENIE: (GENIE is off screen, a giant balloon gorilla proceeds down
the parade)
When it comes to exotic type mammals
Has he got a zoo, I'm telling you
It's a world class menagerie!

(GENIE pops in as a leopard, then a goat, and speaks the last two
lines to the two children from earlier. We cut to a balcony,
where three HAREM GIRLS are joined by the HAREM GENIE.)

GIRLS: (in couterpoint)
Prince Ali, Handsome is he, Ali Ababwa
There's no question this Ali's alluring
That physique, how can I speak
Never ordinary, never boring
Weak at the knee
Everything about the man just plain impresses
Well, get on out in that square
He's a wonder, he's a whiz, a wonder
Adjust your veil and prepare
He's about to pull my heart asunder
To gawk and grovel and stare at Prince Ali!
And I absolutely love the way he dresses!

(JASMINE has been watching from the balcony of the palace. She
humphs it off, then leaves.)

CHORUS: He's got ninety-five white Persian monkeys!
(He's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys!)
And to view them, he charges no fee!
(He's generous, so generous)
He's got slaves, he's got servants and flunkies!
(Proud to work for him)
They bow to his whim, love serving him
They're just lousy with loyalty to Ali! Prince Ali!

(ALADDIN throws gold coins out to the people, who rush over to
collect them. ABU and the parade march up the steps of the
palace and inside. The SULTAN runs back inside to the door
to the throne room, but JAFAR stands in front of the door.
Suddenly, it bursts open, with ABU leading the way, and crushing
JAFAR and IAGO behind the door.)

GENIE: Prince Ali!
Amorous he! Ali Ababwa
Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see!
And that,good people, is why
He got dolled up and dropped by
With sixty elephants, llamas galore
With his bears and lions
A brass band and more
With his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers
His birds that warble on key
Make way for Prince Ali!

(More and more fanfare build up until ALADDIN flies off ABU's back
on MAGIC CARPET and flies down to the SULTAN. JAFAR slams the
door shut.)

SULTAN: (Clapping) Splendid, absolutely marvelous.
ALADDIN: (Takes on a deeper voice.) Ahem. Your majesty, I have
journeyed from afar to seek your daughter's hand.
SULTAN: Prince Ali Ababwa! Of course. I'm delighted to
meet you. (He rushes over and shakes ALI's hand.)
This is my royal vizier, Jafar. He's delighted
JAFAR: (Extremely dryly) Ecstatic. I'm afraid, Prince
ALADDIN: --Ababwa!
JAFAR: Whatever. You cannot just parade in here uninvited
and expect to--
SULTAN: ...by Allah, this is quite a remarkable device.
(He tugs at the tassels, and they tug his
moustache.) I don't suppose I might...
ALADDIN: Why certainly, your majesty. Allow me.

(He helps the SULTAN up onto the CARPET, and he plops down.
JAFAR pins the CARPET down on the floor with the staff.)

JAFAR: Sire, I must advise against this--
SULTAN: --Oh, button up, Jafar. Learn to have a little fun.

(He kicks away the staff and CARPET and SULTAN fly away. IAGO, who
was standing on the head of the staff, falls down, repeatedly
bopping the staff with his beak as he descends. SULTAN and
CARPET fly high into the ceiling, then begin a dive-bomb attack,
flying under ABU, scaring him. The flight continues in the
background, while JAFAR and ALI talk in the foreground.)

JAFAR: Just where did you say you were from?
ALADDIN: Oh, much farther than you've traveled, I'm sure.
(He smiles. JAFAR does not.)
JAFAR: Try me. (IAGO lands on the staff.)
SULTAN: Look out, Polly!

(They all duck in time as the CARPET whizzes centimetres over their
heads. CARPET returns and the SULTAN chases IAGO around the room.)

IAGO: Hey, watch it. Watch it with the dumb rug!

(The CARPET zooms underneath IAGO, who sighs, wipes his brow, and
crashes into a pillar. He crashes to the floor, and his head
is circled by miniature SULTANS on CARPETS, saying "Have a cracker,
have a cracker. The real SULTAN begins his final approach.)

SULTAN: Out of the way, I'm coming in to land. Jafar,
watch this! (He lands.)
JAFAR: Spectacular, your highness.
SULTAN: Ooh, lovely. Yes, I do seem to have a knack for
it. (CARPET walks over to ABU dizzily, then
collapses. ABU catches it.) This is a very
impressive youth. And a prince as well. (Whispers
to JAFAR) If we're lucky, you won't have to marry
Jasmine after all.
JAFAR: I don't trust him, sire.
SULTAN: Nonsense. One thing I pride myself on Jafar, I'm
an excellent judge of character.
IAGO: Oh, excellent judge, yeah, sure...not!!!

(JASMINE walks in quietly.)

SULTAN: Jasmine will like this one!
ALADDIN: And I'm pretty sure I'll like Princess Jasmine!
JAFAR: Your highness, no. I must intercede on Jasmine's
behalf. (JASMINE hears this and gets mad.) This
boy is no different than the others. What makes
him think he is worthy of the princess?
ALADDIN: Your majesty, I am Prince Ali Ababwa! (He pricks
JAFAR's goatee, which springs out in all
directions.) Just let her meet me. I will win
your daughter!
JASMINE: How dare you! (They all look at her surprised.)
All of you, standing around deciding my future? I
am not a prize to be won! (She storms out.)
SULTAN: Oh, dear. Don't worry, Prince Ali. Just give
Jasmine time to cool down. (They exit.)
JAFAR: I think it's time to say good bye to Prince

(Diss to JASMINE on her balcony at night. We tilt down and find
ALADDIN and company in the courtyard.)

ALADDIN: What am I going to do? Jasmine won't even let me
talk to her. I should have known I couldn't pull
off this stupid prince wish. (ABU struggles with
his elephant paws to open a banana. He squishes
it, and the banana squirts into his eye. He then
tosses the banana peel into a heaping pile of the
GENIE: (to carpet, playing chess) So move! (CARPET does,
knocking a black piece off the board.) Hey.
That's a good move. (As Rodney Dangerfield) I
can't believe it--I'm losing to a rug.
ALADDIN: Genie, I need help.
GENIE: (as Jack Nicholson) All right, sparky, here's the
deal. You wanna court the little lady, you gotta
be a straight shooter, do ya follow me?
GENIE: (Back to normal, wearing a mortarboard. He points
out his words on a blackboard) Tell her
ALADDIN: No way! If Jasmine found out I was really some
crummy street rat, she'd laugh at me. (He
puts on his turban, which lights up as the GENIE.)
GENIE: A woman appreciates a man who can make her laugh!
(ALADDIN pulls the chain turning off the light.
GENIE comes out holding the real turban.) Al, all
joking aside, you really oughtta be yourself.
ALADDIN: Hey, that's the last thing I want to be. Okay,
I'm gonna go see her. I gotta be smooth, cool,
confident. How do I look?
GENIE: (Sadly) Like a prince.

(ALADDIN flies up to the balcony on CARPET. JASMINE is on her bed,
sighing. RAJAH is by her side.)

ALADDIN: (From a distance) Princess Jasmine?

(RAJAH looks up and growls.)

JASMINE: Who's there?
ALADDIN: It's me--Prince Ali. Ahem--(Then he jumps to his
deep voice) Prince Ali Ababwa.
JASMINE: I do not want to see you.
ALADDIN: No, no, please princess. Give me a chance. (RAJAH
growls and advances on him.)
JAFAR: Just leave me alone.
ALADDIN: Down kitty!

(Over the edge of the balcony, CARPET is watching with GENIE below.)

GENIE: How's our beau doing?

(CARPET cuts his neck with his finger.)

ALADDIN: Good kitty, take off. Down kitty. (He takes off
his turban to brush RAJAH away.)
JASMINE: (She looks at him thinking she has seen him
before.) Wait, wait. Do I know you?
ALADDIN: (Quickly replaces his turban) Uh, no, no.
JASMINE: You remind me of someone I met in the marketplace.
ALADDIN: The marketplace? (A bee buzzes around his head.)
I have servants that go to the marketplace for me.
Why I even have servants who go to the marketplace
for my servants, so it couldn't have been me you
JASMINE: (She looks disappointed.) No, I guess not.
BEE: (It's the GENIE) Enough about you, Casanova. Talk
about her! She's smart, fun, the hair, the eyes.
Anything--pick a feature!
ALADDIN: Um, Princess Jasmine? You're very...
BEE: Wonderful, glorious, magnificent, punctual!
ALADDIN: Punctual!
JASMINE: Punctual?
BEE: Sorry.
ALADDIN: Beautiful.
BEE: Nice recovery.
JASMINE: Hmm. I'm rich too, you know.
JASMINE: The daughter of a sultan
ALADDIN: I know.
JASMINE: A fine prize for any prince to marry.
ALADDIN: Uh, right. Right. A prince like me.
BEE: (Buzzing in his ear) Warning! Warning!
JASMINE: Right, a prince like you. And every other stuffed shirt,
swaggering, peacock I've met!
BEE: (Rear end on fire, wearing goggles and crashing) Mayday!
JASMINE: Just go jump off a balcony! (She turns and walks away)
BEE: Stop her! Stop her! Do you want me to sting her?
ALADDIN: (Swats at bee) Buzz off!
BEE: Okay, fine. But remember--bee yourself! (BEE buzzes into
his turban)
ALADDIN: Yeah, right!
JASMINE: What!?!
ALADDIN: Uh, you're right. You aren't just some prize to be
won. (He looks disappointed.) You should be free
to make your own choice. (JASMINE and RAJAH look
at each other in confusion.) I'll go now. (He
steps up on the ledge and drops off.)
ALADDIN: (Pokes his head up from over the edge) What? What?
JASMINE: (Now she's amazed) How--how are you doing that?
(She looks over the edge and sees the CARPET.)
ALADDIN: It's a magic carpet.
JASMINE: It's lovely. (CARPET takes JASMINE's hand with a
ALADDIN: You, uh, you don't want to go for a ride, do you?
We could get out of the palace, see the world.
JASMINE: Is it safe?
ALADDIN: Sure. Do you trust me?
JASMINE: (She looks at him at the saying of that all-
important line) What?
ALADDIN: (Extends his hand the same as before) Do you trust
JASMINE: (Gets a sly grin on her face) Yes.

(She takes his hand and gets up on CARPET. It zooms into the sky,
knocking them both into sitting positions. The music of "A Whole
New World" swells. JASMINE looks back and sees RAJAH looking
up at her questioningly. She gasps as they fly over the palace
wall and into the sky.)

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