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Experience Hendrix - Book One

Experience Hendrix - Book One


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Wait Until Tomorrow Lyrics

Well, I'm standing here freezing, inside your golden garden,
Got my ladder leaned up against your wall.
Tonight's the night we planned to run away together,
Come on Dolly Mae, there's no time to stall.
But now you're telling me that ah...

I think we better wait till tomorrow
Got to make sure it's right,
So, until tomorrow, goodnight.

Oh, Dolly Mae, How can you hang me up this way,
On the phone you said you wanted to run off with me today
Now I'm standing here like some turned-down serenading fool,
Hearing strange words stutter from the mixed-up mind of you.
And you keep telling me that ah...

I think we better wait till tomorrow
Got to make sure it's right
So, until tomorrow, goodnight.
See if I can talk to this girl alone

Oh, Dolly Mae, girl, you must be insane,
So unsure of yourself leaning from your unsure window pane
Do I see a silhouette of somebody pointing something from a tree?
Oh, what a hang,
Your daddy just shot poor me
And I hear you say, as I fade away

We don't have to wait till tomorrow
It must not have been right, so forever, goodnight.
Do I have to wait, do I have to wait
It's a drag on my part
Don't have to wait, don't have to wait.


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