Broadway Aida Lyrics Elton John Tim Rice

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Elton John Broadway Aida Lyrics Tim Rice

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Tim Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton, Robert Falls & David Henry Hwang


Prologue Lyrics


Lights up on the Egyptian wing of a Modern Art Museum. A contemporary crowd,
chic and beautifully dressed, is gathered around various artifacts, all
under glass: a small boat, a model of a soldier with a bow and arrow, a
mannequin of AMNERIS, ancient female Pharaoh of Egypt. The crowd moves
appreciatively around the exhibits. In the center of the room, also behind
glass, is a mysterious object - an ancient burial chamber, a tomb. A man and
a woman also dressed in the fashions of today approach the tomb from
different sides. They are both drawn to it. They circle it, intrigued as if
they have seen it before. The man is RADAMES; the woman is AIDA. In a
musical moment, they look up. Their eyes meet and all the action in the room
freezes as AMNERIS, wearing a royal headdress, emerges from the glass
encasement. As she sings, the cast of the modern museumgoers leaves the


Every story, tale or memoir
Every saga or romance
Whether true or fabricated
Whether planned or happenstance

Whether sweeping through the ages
Casting centuries aside
Or a hurried brief recital
Just a thirty-minute ride

(AMNERIS steps off of the pedestal and stands before the audience.)

Whether bright or melancholy
Rough and ready, finely spun
Whether with a thousand players
Or a lonely cast of one

Every story, new or ancient
Bagatelle or work of art
All are tales of human failing
All are tales of love at heart

(The lights change violently with a rock and roll chord. Frozen on stage:
the Man staring at a model of the boat. The WOMAN looks at the figure of
the Archer.)

This is the story
Of a love that flourished
In a time of hate

Of lovers no tyranny could separate
Love set into motion on the Nile's shore
Destiny ignited by an act of war

Egypt saw the mighty river as its very heart and soul
Source of life for all her people
That only Egypt could control
Destruction of her southern neighbor justified
Nubia exploited, left with little more than pride

Scene One

As the WOMAN moves off with the model of the boat, large red sails fly in,
creating an Egyptian barge on stage. EGYPTIAN SOLDIERS man the sails as
riches and the spoils of war are loaded on to the deck of the ship.

Broadway Aida Lyrics Elton John

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