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(from the LP "Desperado")

Intro: G Em G Em G G7 C Em A C G D/F#

(1st verse)
Em G Em G G7
They were Doolin Doolin-Dalton, high or low it was the same
C Em A C G
easy money ..... there are whiskey for the pain

(2nd verse)
Go down Bill Dalton ......

(3rd verse)
Better keep on movin' Doolin-Dalton 'til your shadow set you free
and if you're fast and if you're lucky you will never see the hanging tree

Bridge: Bm G C Am Em G G7 C Am D B7

(4th verse)

Intro: G D/F# Em C C/B Am7 D9 E

Chord formation:

G7 3230xx
D/F# 20023x
B7 x2120x
C/B x20010
Am7 x02010
D9 x00210

The Eagles Lyrics

The Eagles - Acoustic

The Eagles - Acoustic

The Eagles Lyrics
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