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Dire Straits Lyrics

Dire Straits - Complete Chord Songbook

Lyrics Dire Straits

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Iron hand Lyrics

+-- Do not play this note (the 4) the first time through
+-|-----------------7---7-------+ +-----------------+
+-V---3-------3---5-------5p3---+ +-----2-------2---+
+-4---4-------4-----------------+ B1 riff +-----2-------2---+ A riff
+-----4-------4-------4---------+ +-----2-------2---+
+-2---------------2-------2-----+ +-0-------0-------+
+---------2---------------------+ +-----------------+

+-----------------+ +-----------------+
+-----3-------3---+ +-----3-------3---+
+-----4-------4---+ B2 riff +-----4-------4---+ B3 riff
+-----4-------4---+ +-----4-------4---+
+-2-------2-------+ +-----------------+
+-----------------+ +-2-------2-------+

+-- Play this note only first time through.
+-----2-------2-------2------2--+ Em riff (I'm unsure about this one, but
+-----2-------2-------2------2--+ it does the job. Its too hard to
+-0-------0-------0-------0-----+ hear over the synths...)

The song goes like this.

B1 B1 B1 B1 B2 A 

B2 B2 B2 B2 A A B2 B2 B1
B2 B2 B2 B2 A A B2 B2 B1
B2 B2 B2 B2 A A B2 B3 B3 B2
Em Em Em Em A A A A B1 B1

Play the intro.
Play three verses, then play B1 four times.
Then play one more verse, then B1 four times.
Finally play another verse followed by B1 three times, then finish.

I hope thats right... There may be variations in the Bass notes or the extra
notes Mark drops in all the time.
The B1 bit is tricky - The idea in the second part of the bar is to get the
bass notes going along in the background to establish the rythm, while the
high strings give the notes that run over top of it. I can bearly hear the
rythm notes, so they may not be right.

Dire Straits Lyrics

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