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LYRICS from album: "Painting With" (2016)

Recycling Lyrics

Don't care
This ship sails
Or sinks into the meat

Don't know
If a lesson matters less than
What's to eat

While you got it you figure
Why not launch off of the very highest rope

Not trying
To be shore side
Scoping breaks to
Score a ride

More like
Causing fractures
From the deep
That ripple out

Who needs slicker
Tools to build
A portrait
Out of place

Not trying to be
Sneaky when it's wanting
Face to face

When you're rotten
You figure why not
Stick up for the very finest dope

Don't care
If a lesion's
Clotting up or ceases to bleed

Don't know
If a lesson
Is a pleasure or a need

While you're huffing
You figure
Why not soak up all the craze
Instead of cope

LYRICS from album: "Painting With" (2016)

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