Vietnamese Holiday Culture and Cuisine

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The Diversity of Vietnamese cuisine - Vietnam Food

Cha gio, Spring roll

Cha gio, Spring roll

Banh beo

Banh beo / bloating fern-shaped cake

South African dish

Banh cuon / steamed rolls made of rice-flour

Bunny Chow

Canh ga chien nuoc mam / chicken wing fried with fish sauce


Canh chua / a sort of sour soup


Bun bo, vermicelli and beef

Garlic Prawns

Banh lot

Beef / Mutton stew

Bun rieu

Calamari Deep Fried

Chem chep nuong mo hanh

Calamari Deep Fried

Xoi ngu sac

Calamari Deep Fried

Muc chien don

Peri-peri Chicken livers

Goi, dish make of meat, fish, crab or shrimp and vegetables

Potjiekos pot food

Oc mo xao tep mo

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